This was right after I got my my VG8 and I wanted to send a demo to my brother to show him all the sounds I could get. I did this recording in one hour and everything you hear is me playing my guitar through my VG8. Listen for the cool synth, acoustic guitar, banjo, wah-rhythm, and Hammond organ sounds! This was before I learned anything about it is left un-mastered. test.mp3

I recorded this after I installed the STAudio card in the studio computer... just two passes...You can hear that it is a bit shaky in sections...but I ended up landing with few bruises! Once again... not mastered. test3.mp3

I made this recording after I installed my Terratec card into my home rig. It was just a "top of the head" thing... really just a test to see if the card was working. This was played on my Carvin DC127 with my VG8. jam em song Rev2.mp3

This was my test song to learn how to use looping within Cakewalk... this was pre-Sonar... once again my Carvin and VG8...and samples! Guitar.mp3

This was primarily a sequencing project with some real guitar added. Another learning project for me... nice results...especially since I eliminated the need for Celine Dion's vocals! I was thinking "Joe Halko - Soft Jazz Guitar Icon"


91101 remix July 2006  mastered.wav

91101 was the first huge scale audio recording/collaboration I did. As a result of this, I made lots of mistakes... and am really amazed at how much I fixed since it was recorded. I could make a huge list of things I would like to redo...but the way it is now is not bad at all.


91101 remix Feb 2006 MASTERED.wav

Older version prior to fixed vocals